“Tout le monde peut cuisiner!” – Auguste Gusteau

Everybody can cook. And everybody can cook healthily as well! In a world full of pre-made, highly processed junk food, we tend to forget to listen to our bodies and our natural instincts.

I love natural, vibrant and colorful food! And I bet that you do too. Welcome to Foophy, where I am going to share my visions of healthy eating with you. I believe that delicious healthy food and an active lifestyle are crucial to a happy and healthy self. I created this page to let you be part of my creations and my idea to get back to our roots.

I always loved cooking and experimenting with new flavors and textures in the kitchen. Usually I don’t really measure anything. I just start with some basics and move on from there. At some point people started telling me to write down some recipes. As my little purple notebook started filling up, my desire to share my creations grew. Since I knew the only way to connect with others and show that anybody can cook healthily was by taking matching appetizing shots, I took up photography. Hence our name Foophy from Food Photography.

Most of my recipes are going to be centered around one main ingredient, which I consider special. Be it because of its nutritional value, color or particular taste or just simply because I like it. Every Friday I’m gonna upload a new recipe featuring this specific ingredient for a month.

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